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Sports Club Manager

For all sports!!!

Our sports club manager product can be used for any sport.

Does your sports club need better tools to manage your organization? With our sports club manager website, you can ...

  • use online registration for your members and for events
  • manage your leagues
  • send emails to your membership
  • and much more

Sports Association Manager

Does your sports association need an online database? With our sports association manager website, you can ...

  • build and maintain your public website with an easy to use content management system
  • use online registration forms for competitions, events and courses
  • and much more

Studio Assist

Our complete solution to your studio management needs. With Studio Assist you can manage your studio's teacher schedule, classroom rentals, student classes, product rentals, and in-store sales with ease.

Studio Assist is an easy way to keep track of lessons, students, teachers, classroom use, sales, rentals, and accounts. Whether your studio travels with you, is a room in your home, or a series of classrooms, Studio Assist will help manage your business.

If you are a music studio, a dance studio, an academic training center, a sports training center, an art studio, whatever your teaching speciality ... Studio Assist is the management tool for you.

GallerySoft Integrated Websites

GallerySoft Inc. and Ricon Consulting Inc. have teamed up to bring you a new experience in websites. GallerySoft Server users can now have their unique website supported by GallerySoft. We can adapt your existing website or we can create a whole new look for your website.

Your website is a unique reflection of your art gallery and an excellent place to showcase artists’ work. Keeping it current can be time consuming. To solve this issue, GallerySoft has developed an integrated website solution that enables users to add images and information into GallerySoft gallery management software and with a click of a button automatically update their website as well.

At GallerySoft our Integrated Websites are each unique (no prebuilt or canned sites) Update your your website will be designed to look just the way you want it to look! It can be a whole new look or an update to the design or your existing site.

Managed Inventory

Does your customer want you to manage their inventory? Do you need to schedule production jobs based on customer forecasts?

With our Vendor Managed Inventory system you can manage production and shipping requirements for your customers with ease. Simply enter or import your actual production details and your customer's forecast and let our VMI system do the rest.